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Default Re: You as a player.

Position: PG
Height: 5'5" unfortunately

All-around point guard. Almost 50/50 balance of scoring and passing. Reliable jumper from anywhere beyond 15 ft, wont hesitate to take an open shot. Always tries to get teammates involved by making good passes. Excellent lateral quickness makes for good on-ball perimeter defense. Very team-oriented, will pick up in any area that is sagging. Can occasionally catch fire and become unguardable on the offensive end. Competitive drive sets a strong example for teammates. Does not shy away from big moments or late-game situations.

Weak in the post due to height. Poor shot blocker. Can be lazy with off-ball defense. Gets screened easily. Lazy rebounder. Tendency to miss open layups. Poor court vision when driving hard. Pressured by double teams.

Hot Spot:
Right wing 3pt.

Signature move:
Fake layup to behind-the-back pass during fastbreaks (Rondo). In-n-out dribble to pull-up jumper or reverse layup.

NBA comparison:
Best case: Kirk Hinrich/Chauncey Billups
Worst case: Derek Fisher

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