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Default Re: Summer League Thoughts

The thing I like about what Drummond is doing is that he's blocking shots. That typically translates to the pro game. He's doing fairly good on the boards too which does as well.

Totally agree with Daye. He does this to us every summer league and many times even in the preseason. I'd love to see him carry this into the regular season for once. I really think he could average 20ppg during the regular season if he just kept his confidence up. He scores with ease.

Knight was great, but he did have 6 turnovers. That scares me a bit. I love that he actually racked up some assists today. That's what I've been waiting to see out of him.

I'm really not expecting much out of Middleton or English. They'll have a hard time getting any PT. Detroit just has too many young guys fighting for time. Middleton has to crack the lineup against Prince, Maggette, and Singleton. That's not easy. He'll be in the D-league.

For other teams, Alec Burks has been killing it for Utah and Plumlee has looked like a steal in the draft for the Pacers. I was kind of suprised how little pt Burks got last year. Utah really needed a SG to step up. It seems like they would have gave him a chance.
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