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Default Re: Lakers now leading in Howard talks

Originally Posted by bladefd
I honestly don't think Howard is a bad guy or a diva. What sort of negative things did you hear of him before last 2 years over the free agency stuff? Almost zero, nothing, nada. All you heard was how great of a teammate he was, how funny he was, how hard he worked, how much he respected his teammates, how he was on friendly terms with coaches and everyone, etc.

Before this whole Dwight Howard free agency stuff popped up starting at the beginning of 2010-2011 season, he was one of the more respected players in the nba. I think what happened is Howard got sick of losing season after season and team making mistake after mistake. The Magic ownership couldn't differentiate between their arm and their ass, that's how incompetent they were. They actually worked backwards from their Finals season, losing piece after piece. Taking risks with Gilbert Arenas. Yeah, so much he did for the organization. Also great $120 million contract to the average player (a borderline scrub now) Rashard Lewis. Very smart business investment, Orlando Magic. Reminds me of some Wall Street morons throwing money and putting towards a horrendous investment into some crap badly run company then crying bloody mary after their investment plummets into bankruptcy.

Now that Howard became disgruntled after 6 years of stupidity and incompetence from Magic organization in 2010, Magic organization started backing up and finally realizing what they were on the brink of losing. Shaquille O'Neal 2.0. They did everything they could to try to please Howard, but Howard is done with the incompetency. He wants out any way possible. He wants to go to an organization with an ownership that knows what they are doing.

I admit that Howard saying he only will sign an extension with ONE team was STUPID. If you really want to get out of Orlando so bad, expand that list. Be open-minded Dwight. Give your team a chance to get what you're worth. Don't hold them hostage by saying you will only re-sign with one team. I felt like this was the biggest issue that Howard created. The other thing was he probably had a hand in the Van Gundy and Otis Smith firing.

Other than that.. Remember, a lot of the other trade nonsense was the media's creation. "HOWARD TO NETS CLOSE TO DONE!" "OH WAIT LAKERS ARE IN THE TALK" "OH WAIT LAKERS ARE OUT" "HOWARD TO NETS DONE!" "ROCKETS ARE CLOSE TO REACHING A DEAL!" "3 TEAM DEAL WITH ROCKETS LAKERS MAGIC!" "LAKERS ARE OUT AGAIN" - A lot of that bull$hit drama created by the media trying to increase the hype to sell papers and get readers. Before that whole circus started, if you paid close attention to the NBA, you would know that Dwight was a well-respected player. Perhaps a clown and acting like a kid at times, but respected nonetheless.

That was very well thought out and well written with a ton of valid points

The other side is that he has had problems with SVG, and before last season he took games off just like Bynum. Eventually got his GM, coach and others fired....why if he's leaving anyway? If he left they would still be there.

The problem I have is that he's seemed Bi-Polar over the whole free agency thing, he could have left Orlando last season.....he has milked this thing until everyone is sick of him.....that is entirely his fault, he is the one who decided to stay and repeat the circus. He is also the one who made a list of teams he would go to and then seemed to change it daily.......why not be a man, make a decision and stick to it?
Why be such a b!tch and worry about following Shaq? If he really wants to win a championship there are only a few teams this would happen with....and who is better at winning in the last 30 years than the Lakers?
His championship total with the Lakers could eclipse Shaq's so why worry?

Because of the above I cannot take him seriously, he doesn't seem torn by this, he seems like he is feeding off it and all the attention, he should want to get this done like a man and move forward......besides, he is not that good compared to the greats anyway. If he manned up and went to a team then the media couldn't talk about anything....right.
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