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Default Re: I realized, Basketball is really really hard sometimes

Originally Posted by keep-itreal
I played like absolute crap today, while some of my teammates were just playing out of their mind. The whole time I was shocked at how good they were. (Dribbling down the court, pull-up 3's...jesus christ)As the game goes on, I got to the point where I was afraid to even touch the ball. They were so good, I thought hell just them take it to the hole. I'll just play defense and hustle or something.

Man I felt so damn useless on the court, its like natural selection or something. If i'm not strong enough physically or mentally, I'm gonna get eaten alive on the court.

I think too much I guess. I honestly don't know what to do in situations like I was in today. My confidence was pretty much crushed today.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing your role on a team. But there is something wrong with putting yourself in a box and PLAYING SCARED. Just because u notice others can score does not mean you can't score too. If your wide call for it. If you run a pick an roll and roll to the basket and he doesn't pass u the ball u let that man know.

playing scared, does NOTHING for your game... playing scared makes u overthink and then ur gonna play worse to be honest.

The best way to overcome this is practice, i mean PRACTICE HARD at a high level. This is why its important to go game speed in practice. Because when you play other people of higher level the game looks too fast for you.So my advice would be take some time off & practice game-speed hard and you should notice the game slowing down for you a bit.

So when you find yourself playing scared, you gotta push through it and just say **** the outcome. You need to be thinking nothing but positive thoughts even if the outcome isin't positive. Its and exhibition game aka Pickup. Relax, stop playing scared and have fun!!!!!
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