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Default Re: Lakers now leading in Howard talks

Originally Posted by dd24
I hear ya. I did ask this before though and nobody could give me an answer.... Let's say they did this trade and neither signed extensions. Of course you can always make more money with the team you were on, so it's not like they can go somewhere else and sign for more money. Plus, what teams will even have that kind of cap space to sign one of those players? Houston comes to mind now, but Dwight already said he wouldn't sign an extension there so I can't see him bolting to the Rockets if he was a FA. I think Detroit may have some room. They have a really nice group of young guys that are on the verge of doing something good, but Joe Dumars doesn't believe in max contracts. For Howard he'd probably make an exception but outside of that I don't see it happening, plus I don't think they have enough to make that big of an offer anyhow. Maybe Dallas would have some room??? I don't see how both of those guys could just move on to other teams. Also it's not like they'd be putting themselves in better situations to win championships necessarily if they did.

The problem is that they are both such weird quirky guys that they......especially Dwight may either demand to be traded if Kobe or Nash is getting too much attention....or he may jerk us around for the entire offseason next year.......why even bother with the Diva if he won't extend as a trade condition. As I said, he could have ended this whole mess last season. He seems to enjoy this drama so much that he's probably thinking about continually signing 1 year contracts
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