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Default Re: First look at Andre Drummond in summer league

Originally Posted by embersyc
Hopefully Ben Wallace becomes Drummond's new best friend. He can teach him how to get all the way to 50% free throw shooting and how to limit blown dunks to 1 a game.

Kidding aside I think rebounding and blocked shots are gonna Drummond's bread and butter, he just needs to put some muscle on his body.

He definitely does look like he could be a force defensively. That's why I've been excited to hear that Ben is going to come back. He could be a great influence on that kid. We all know his work ethic is amazing and I think that's one of the top things the vets can show the younger guys. I don't think many of these rookies know exactly how hard some of these guys work. If Drummond puts in that kind of work he'll have a successful career.
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