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Default Re: Knicks hiding from Rockets to avoid receiving offer sheet?

Originally Posted by percelloveknicks
I think since everybody is talking about his weight and conditioning, he would at least come into camp looking like an nba player, i hope. But i aint gonna lie, those new entenmanns chocolate pound cakes are so f'n good my wife caught me sneaking up at 3 in tha morning.
Dont get me started on the honey buns. Put those MFers in the microwave for ten seconds.

Scooter, I think you misinterpreted what I said. I agree his weight was unacceptable. He looked chunky. I just dont think its its something that cant be fixed in an offseason. Those other guys I mentioned would take years to lose weight. I think Feltons weight is fixable in about two months. Shoot, if you even look at Diaw, he lost a bunch of weight by the end of the season.
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