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Default Re: Chris Nolan / Zack Snyder "MAN OF STEEL"

Originally Posted by MeLO MvP 15
Technically there was never a reboot.

There was the original Superman with Reeves that had 3 sequels. Then there was that quasi- sequel (it follows up after Superman 2) with Routh many years late.

This is the first "reboot." And just like with the Spiderman and Batman reboots, they've changed the stories/villians. Superman faces Zod in this, in the original Superman faced Lex Luther (and then Zod in #2).

I'm very much looking forward to this, although they can't expect to make it dark because that does not work with Superman. It's like if you look up all that Tim Burton Superman stuff with Nic Cage. That movies was into production they had the story, the costumes, the cast, etc. Imagine if that got made. It's actually really cool to look at all that stuff that never became a movie, but it makes you think what that movie would've been like and if we would've ever thought of Superman the same way.

holy $hi nic cage in that supes outfit, the hairline, the hair, wtf glad that didnt get made, the other costumes looks like mister freeze outfit.
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