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Default Re: I realized, Basketball is really really hard sometimes

Damn where were you playing? Unless I bring a couple of my friends who can ball rarely am I on a team with more than maybe 2 people who can just str8 ball. Now that I'm some crazy baller, but I'm a smart player who understands the game therefore giving me an edge on most pick up ballers.

But yea just keep playing and your confidence will go up. Practice on your own do drills, etc. Like with anything it just takes time. I just got a motorcycle a month ago and I was scared to drive on busy roads with it. I didn't want to stall it or something and look like an idiot and I didn't want to put people in danger cus I wasn't that good of a rider yet... but yea a month later and after taking it one step at a time now I'm confident and riding anywhere at any time. It's like that with Bball too.
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