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Originally Posted by Unregistered1
No, now Farmar is the biggest steal of the draft. What happened before was that I read in the LA Times that the Lakers were interested in White. Naturally, dumbass Laker fans like me have to post in all the basketball forums how great our potential draftee is, regardless if we have ever witnessed him playing a single game. How could we when we are so busy kissing Kobe's ass? Of course, I don't want to look stupid, so I will say the White will still be a great player even though the Lakers passed on him. Oh crap, that doesn't make sense. How about this, I meant to say Farmar, but accidently typed White? Okay, does that sound plausible enough to erase the perception that I am a retard?

Considering you are "unregistered" all it would take is to create a username and that perception is gone....
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