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Default Re: Knicks hiding from Rockets to avoid receiving offer sheet?

Originally Posted by franchize
Who knows what Woodson's offense will include. He's yet to have an offseason with these guys and didn't even really have many practices.

As for Felton, he shot better from the line than Lin last year. They shoot about the same from the line. I think there's no advantage either way.

In my opinion, in the words of my dad, Raymond Felton is the median now for PGs. If your better than him, your at the very least, a pretty good pg. If your worse than him, then your probably not worthy of a starting role. I think that's a fair assessment.
Can't say that the offense I've seen from Woodson so far has inspired much confidence as well as considering his previous record, but who knows, it is possible that he might come up with something.

Felton is probably about the norm, might be decent, but the Knicks will have to see how motivated he is and hope he doesn't come to training camp as a fatass. As for my freethrow example I guess I mainly meant his ability to perform under pressure.

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