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Default Elton Brand says he understands that team needed change

Those changes included the Sixers opting to use their amnesty clause on Brand, who was claimed by the Dallas Mavericks late Friday. Dallas' winning bid was reportedly $2.1 million, but Brand still will be paid the full $18.1 million he is owed. The Sixers will pay the balance, but the money will not count against the salary cap.

The Sixers also are not bringing back guards Lou Williams and Jodie Meeks.

"I felt like we had to get better. Something had to get done," Brand said. "We were kind of bringing the same guys back and other teams were getting better I didn't think we were improving too much."

Brand, agent David Falk and former Sixers president Ed Stefanski used the term "Philly Max" to describe the team's decision to give Brand a 5-year, $82 million deal in 2008. That was the maximum the Sixers could pay him under the salary cap. He turned down bigger offers because he felt the Sixers were committed to him.

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