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Post Re: Long term SG solution must be addressed

Originally Posted by Letswin
How would the finances work out in trying to bring in OJ Mayo?

Depends on how we do it: if we sign him outright without matching Asik, we would be able to offer him the full mid-level exception up to $5 million/year. If we match Asik we would be over the tax threshold, and would only be able to offer him the mini-exception of $3 million/year. However, we would only have that available if Hinrich comes over in a S&T from the Hawks.

They could also work out a S&T with Memphis for Mayo to get him more $$. That way we wouldn’t have to worry about exceptions, but we would have to match salaries. It’s been suggested that a 3-way deal sending Korver to Atlanta through Memphis with us getting Mayo and Memphis getting a 2nd rounder or something minimal like that would work. Then we’d be free to sign Hinrich outright.

However this happens (if it actually does), it will be fairly complicated. I wonder if GarPax can pull it off…I also wonder how Mayo’s fragile ego will handle Thibs’ system…
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