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Default Re: Avoid Getting Blocked?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Experiment, but whatever you do, do it at full speed. There's not a whole lot of things worse than that moment in one-on-one where you pick up your dribble, realize the defender has you closed out, then you pump-fake half heartedly a few times before throwing a wild fallaway. If you fake, or if you lose your dribble, make a definitive counter move.

I actually think some stuff has to be learned at slower "pace" than game pace.
Don't know how they're called in english, but moves in the mold of the dream shake are pretty tough to pull off first in game speed since you'll travel for sure.

My advice is to do layup drills on a constant basis, learn to know when you usually pick up your dribble. Concentrate on your feet not on your arms.
Defense is focusing on where you go not where your shot goes since you'll shoot at the hoop, you're brothers knows where you go. Learn to know how you move consciously.

Fake him. He blocks you, because what you're doing is to obvious. If your pivot foot is still set when the ball is picked up upon moving to the hoop, fake the layup, pull the ball back, watch your brother flying. He'll bite, but don't do it too often.

Also try to move to the left side. Learn to dribble with the left hand, learn some post moves from the left block, slow your game down when needed. Your first step, which seems to be faster than your brothers lateral quickness, doesn't help you, because he knows where you go.

Do a step back crossover instead of picking up the ball when you drive right. He might bite on that, too.
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