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Default Re: So... Wth are we going to do during offseason to make sure this won't happen again?

I'll be disappointed if Mayo did indeed sign with Dallas for the rumored 2 year $8 million deal. We could have managed that and that's a very reasonable price for him.

I hope we really pushed for him.

I know he visited Phoenix and Dallas. Not sure if he visited Chicago, but I don't think he did. I don't know if that's' because he didn't want to come here or if we just didn't show him that we really wanted him here.

I find it really hard to believe that if management sold him on being our starting SG, being part of our core, and playing in the backcourt with DRose for a long time that he would pass that up but we've seen stranger decisions from players in the past so I wouldn't put him past that.

He'd be in a better position here than he's going to be in Dallas. but what's done is done. But if he wanted to be here and we didn't give him 8 million over two years than we messed up and I'm disappointed. Maybe we'll find out what happened maybe we won't but I'd be a lot happier if he was a Bull today but he's a Maverick so life moves on.

At this point best options seem to be Courtney Lee or Shannon Brown.
Hope we do SOMETHING.
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