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Default Re: Lin agrees to terms with the Houston Rockets

Bro after last season Telfair was better than Felton. Felton has a lot of sh!t to prove. Dude was a complete unprofessional bust.

I was thinking of selling him after the 2nd year. As an expirer but I am really just curious how he would perform this season with a camp.

Remember the Knicks are over the cap already or damn near close.

Lin is not worth the contract though.

Originally Posted by franchize
Everyone keeps saying this but if he's proven to be a bust, who's going to want him. Sure his 15 mil is a expiring contract, but that's 3 years away.

I just don't get how everyone is always preaching cap space. We praised Walsh because he cleared all this cap but when it comes to Lin, money doesn't matter. If that's the case, why not bring back Landry? Sure he's overpaid and sure he was only a flash in the pan in a D'Antoni, stat padding system, but isn't Lin essentially the same thing? Is Lin better than Landry? Absolutely. But it's not much different.

Bottom line is, if a guy isn't definitively better than Raymond Felton, he should not be getting this contract. If a guy gets busted up whenever he faces elite point guards, he sould not be getting this contract. If a guy needs a mentor to play PG, he should not be getting this contract. Period! I know basketball is a business. But why all of a sudden does everyone care about James Dolan making money. You want him to make extra money, go to more games!
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