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Default Re: Lin agrees to terms with the Houston Rockets

Originally Posted by Rameek
Bro after last season Telfair was better than Felton. Felton has a lot of sh!t to prove. Dude was a complete unprofessional bust.

I was thinking of selling him after the 2nd year. As an expirer but I am really just curious how he would perform this season with a camp.

Remember the Knicks are over the cap already or damn near close.

Lin is not worth the contract though.
Lol How do you become a bust after 7 solid yrs in the league? We all agree Felton was out of shape but I think its much easier for Felton to get back in shape than to teach Lin how to play defense, stop turning the ball over, and be stronger with the ball. At this point, I dont even care what we do. If Lin falls on his face, Felton isnt spectacular but he is more than capable. If we had just Felton, Id be a little less adamant about it. We will have 4 pgs on the team if we sign Lin at the tune of about 50 million dollars and none of them are great.
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