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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone

Barkley Clearly Outplayed Malone from 1986 to 1996: The Stats Do Not Count the 85-86 Season but Now They are Also Found and Those the Matchups Also Favor Barkley. It wasn`t till Barkley left for the Rockets as a Role Player that Malone took Over as the Best PF.

Before Barkley used to Dominate Those Matchups. Even Bill Walton Mentioned It in the 97 WCFs.

I Don`t Hate Malone...Infact I Consider Him The Best Catch and Finish Player of All Time (Better than Barkley as a Reciever) Regarding that He had Stockton the Best Creator and Passer of All Time. He was Physically Imposing, Great Finisher, Solid Defender but He Wasn`t as Skilled as Barkley at Nothing But FT Shooting. He Later on Developed a Better Post Game but Never in the Level of Sir Charles Who Was Shaq-like Inside the 3-Pointline.

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