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Default Re: Bulls Summer League

Malcolm Thomas looked pretty good. Great positioning, outstanding defensive awareness. Too much hesitation on offense in the paint.

Butler looks GOOD. He looks so much better than I expected.

And Teague needs to build his confidence. He definitely looks like someone playing their first game.

Powe looks like shit. Sluggish, a few steps behind, poor work ethic.

Simms wasn't too bad. His footwork is his problem, but other areas of his game actually look polished. He looked like a poor-man's Chris Bosh for stretches in the game.

Olek is the fastest guy on the court baseline to baseline(which is insane, considering Teague is Rose-fast as well). he's raw, but has a good aggressive gear. But I'm not sure he is making a good enough impression on the staff from this one game.

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