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Default Re: Bulls Summer League

Enjoyed watching the first summer league game.

Butler looks very good. Definitely the player of the game on either team.
I have no problem in saying he's already a better player than Ronnie Brewer.
He certainly worked on his game because it's evident he improved his shooting and ball handling.

Teague looks like he could run the offense for the second unit and do it very well. Needs to work on his shooting, but he's comfortable running the offense and is already a good passer. Needs to be confident and needs experience, but he will figure it out.

Sims is a guy who I still believe can make this team. 7 footer with a variety of skills. Needs work, but is a project that could be worth it in my opinion.

Czyz is a guy who deserves a serious look because there's definitely something there, but he needs to be aggressive in showing himself more.

Bulls are looking to save money so signing guys off of this summer league team would be the cheapest option. Let's see.
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