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Default Re: Raymond Felton officially back with Knicks

Originally Posted by Draz
Why the Felton hate? He was fairly decent. Reminds me of Jameer Nelson, a definition of a average player at his role. He needs to get in shape but he helped the Knicks more than he had hurt them. I for one, like this. Lins gone, who else did we have available anyways?

Fairly decent? Felton was alot better then Jameer Nelson when he was here with Amare.

In my honest opinion IF Felton comes back in shape and plays the way he did before we traded him then that trade was an absolute steal.

Jared Jeffries and Gadzuric for Felton and Thomas? We traded no talent or potential for some nice talent.

Kurt Thomas > Jeffries so we improved at our back-up PF and got ourselves a PG with potential to play pretty well for us.
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