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Default Re: Raymond Felton officially back with Knicks

i think lin is a product of pringles ball just as how felton was and maybe, just maybe, felton will produce similar lin numbers

our biggest hole last season was spacing, and we never had a complete team on the court for more than a week and in the playoffs,(just as in the first season vs celtics) melo suffered the most with the big names sitting out and having to carry the offensive load himself

fields/shumpert cant hit a jumper thus easily collapsing on melo who then had to take it with 2 on him most of the time or pass out to a role guy in a bad position to shoot.

JR wa shooting blindly as if he was jordan or someone and was trigger happy

now, kidd can hit the occasional 3 and felton also can also hit the 3, and both can play together in the backcourt and both can drive and dish

just hope they can get it clicking in training camp
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