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Default Re: Lin agrees to terms with the Houston Rockets

Originally Posted by bluechox2
i can see lin clashing in houston who have a majority of new young players who will be looking for their own
In all seriousness, I hope McHale doesn't ruin him. He's already clashed with Lowry, Dragic and Martin. Far from a player's coach.

I'm saying that UNLIKE Jerremy Lin the marketability does not far overshadow what you will get on th court over a season. Bryant is a top 10 overall player and his salary matche that status. Lin is not even top 10 at his position but will paid a salary that should go to a top 20 overall player.

Darren Rovell, ESPN's business insider, gave an interesting perspective on Lin's impact on business. He says Lin's marketability is obvious noteworthy but it is greatly exaggerated. He says the money we make off of Merchandise for Lin wouldnt pay for 2 weeks of his salary. People forget, Merchandise outside of what is sold on the Knicks website and in the arena, gets divided among all 30 teams.

Lin's biggest contribution financially was the expiditing of the Time Warner deal. THAT was his hugest impact off court.

Ticket Sales are unaffected. The most money is made off of season tickets and those have ALWAYS sold out.

The stock numbers don't really affect Dolan. Besides, they're determined by the Knicks winning moreso than any 1 player.

Remember, even before Melo got here, the Knicks were back and forth with LA for the most valuable NBA franshise in the league. They still are.
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