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Default Re: 2012 Offseason Thread: Grant Hill A Clipper

Originally Posted by qrich
Gomes was just amnestied. Hope someone picks him up. Really think he can be a solid Forward off the bench, just had an atrocious season.

We are frontrunners for Darko, last I heard, alongside Brooklyn. K-Mart and Foye are most likely gone as free agents, though I'd love to S&T Foye. Maybe for Robin Lopez?

I think that was a bad decision to use the amnesty on Gomes. $4mill with one year left, it was about to come off. Just play him or trade him, hes not bad. I hope im wrong, but I would have waited to see at the end of the year how DJ played, 2 years with 21 mill left after next season and then possibly see if we need to use it on him. I hope he steps up and grabs 12 RPG this year.

If Gomes contract came off and DJ amnestied, did we have any shot at D. Howard in 2013/2014 as a UFA with CP3 staying?
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