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Default Re: Raymond Felton officially back with Knicks

I agree with this it will be interesting and helpful.

Originally Posted by franchize
I think our biggest issue last year was injuries. Say what you will about the coaches, the players, the scheme etc. If guys aren't on the court; If guys aren't practicing, we aren't going to win. We never really had a stretch where our best guys were on the court and ALLOWED to become a cohesive unit. So when guys return, of course it's going to look like one person needs to take the back seat. I just want to see what we can look like with a full training camp, a competent head coach and normal season.

Not saying you hate him (although you have nothing really good to say about him but thats neither here no there at this point he's gone) but you cant give credit to one player under the same system then discredit the other under the same system.

Which Lin was productive under woodson too.
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