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Default Re: 2012 Offseason Thread: Grant Hill A Clipper

Originally Posted by Clipps0209
I think that was a bad decision to use the amnesty on Gomes. $4mill with one year left, it was about to come off. Just play him or trade him, hes not bad. I hope im wrong, but I would have waited to see at the end of the year how DJ played, 2 years with 21 mill left after next season and then possibly see if we need to use it on him. I hope he steps up and grabs 12 RPG this year.

If Gomes contract came off and DJ amnestied, did we have any shot at D. Howard in 2013/2014 as a UFA with CP3 staying?

Amnesty couldn't have been used on Jordan since he singed his contract after the new CBA. Bledsoe was the only other option to be amnestied and we all know that would not happen.

With this move, Clippers now have 2 open roster spots and I'm assuming the team is going to sign one center and maybe a utility guy (Mardy Collins?)
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