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Default Re: Raymond Felton officially back with Knicks

Originally Posted by franchize
That's the thing. I said Lin was a good player. I said it repeatedly. I also said Felton was very good under Mike D'antoni's sytem also. So was Nate Robinson. I didn't give Felton credit. You knew me since the Felton days. I NEVER liked Felton. He's an average guy. But I can't just ignore the production. Same with Lin. Linsanity was a lot about hype over an Asian kid from Harvard, but I would NEVER say that he didn't ball his ass off. He played remarkably during that period. Nate Robinson at times played out of his mind also under D'Antoni. If anything, I gave ALL of them credit.
But Lin was productive even when Stat n Melo came back for the most part but he couldnt play the same. Melo had to have the ball.

Felton is barely average IMHO. but i rather hope he does ok at the price we have him for but I dont know if he makes the Knicks much better than what we had last year.
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