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Default Re: Long term SG solution must be addressed

In 2013-14, the combined salaries of the Bulls' top four players (Deng, Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah) add up to $57.4 million. If the luxury tax level stays the same, that leaves the Bulls with less than $13 million to fill out at least nine other roster spots. That's going to be incredibly difficult, especially considering Rose's injury will likely linger all of next season. Jerry Reinsdorf insists they not to go over the luxury tax.

Do you think the Bulls Management has been doing a good job considering what they are getting for their money?

Deng - Has too high a contract period. Last year he played better, but in previous years, he just disappeared at times.

Boozer - Way too high a contract. he is the first post player we have had in a long time, but consider Spenser Hawes a respectable post player signed for $6.5-7 mil per season.

Noah - If you consider him and Asik for the same minutes per game their stats are about the same, but Asik reduces the opponents scoring by about 8 points per game.

Rose - Even as good a player as he is, $16 mil per season is high considering the financial restraints of each NBA team.

The problem is GREED. If it isn't the player's greet, it's the agents greed. They are only interested in getting the maximum cut they can. If players were really interested in winning, they would thke less so sufficient money would be available to sign a good supporting cast.
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