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Default Re: Bulls Summer League

Observations after watching Game 2:

We lost in another fairly close game largely due to us having way too many turnovers. Summer league is sloppy in general so it's understood, but still.
I guess the turnovers are more of an issue because most of them have come from our 1st round draft pick Teague.

Teague shows flashes of what he can do, but it's obvious he needs some coaching, some time to develop, some experience, and needs to calm down and play smarter, but I'm confident he'll be able to do that.

Jimmy Butler has really improved. Yes, I know its Summer League, but it's clear to me he worked on his game a lot since the end of the season. He's turning himself into a player that definitely should be a part of our core long term.

Guys that have already shown me enough in two games that they deserve an invite to training camp and maybe a roster spot are:

Malcolm Thomas
Henry Sims
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