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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone

I'm not saying Tripucka was a great all around player, but he could score. He averaged 23 ppg the next season in Charlotte.
you could probably score 23ppg on a team in which was playing in its first ever season. thats the difference between being able to produce in losing teams, and being able to produce in winning situations. trash can produce in losing teams, anybody can put up empty stats, but its when the production contributes to winning is what makes the difference. tripucka was given a winning situation and the best he could come up with was 7 points, then he was given the worst team in the league playing in its first season and he gave you 23. obviously the hornets management caught on to this and reduced his role and eventually he was out of the league because they knew that he would not contribute if they wanted to be successful into the future.
Adding more qualifications now that you realize Stockton had more than 2 scorers?
the word "scorers" might mean something different to me than it does to you. cut off will be 15ppg to be labeled as a scorer.
And I've seen Stockton and I know he couldn't dominate a game like Barkley. Give Barkley Eaton to patrol the paint and I'm sure their defense is just fine.
stockton easily dominated more games than barkley, and at a more consistent rate. give stockton moses malone, erving, hawkins, majerle, manning, olajuwon, drexler, and pippen and i'm sure he wins multiple championships.
The story of the thread is you making outrageous claims that are nothing short of shocking.
actually, your excuses are infact the story of this thread.
Drexler was the better scorer, shooter, rebounder and passer. Clyde averaged 27/8/6, 2.7 spg, 50 FG%, 80 FT%. Harper averaged 19/5/5, 2.3 spg, 51 FG%.
emtpy stats on the second fastest paced team in the league, meanwhile cleveland had the third slowest pace in the league.
The Cavs had a nice regular season, and Price, Daugherty and Nance, three of the best players at their position deserve a lot of credit, but they were upset by a Bulls team that won 10 fewer games and were still largely a 1 man show. That's how far Harper got with the Cavs best player Mark Price injured.
first of all price wasn't even in the cavs top 2 best players of the regular season, those places went to nance and harper. secondly price played 4 out of 5 games and played like utter filth. the only players that did anything remotely close to what they produced in the regular season in that series was larry nance, ron harper, and john williams. price dipped to 16/3/6 <39% and fat daugherty, once again proving what a great playoff performer he was went on to produce the stellar line of 11/9/2 <37%fg. as for losing the series, well not much needs to be said when the greatest player of all time puts up 39.8ppg, 5.8rpg, 8.2apg, 3.0spg, 0.4bpg, on 52% on your ass all series long, including the series winning jumper.
Porter was the better defender and more capable of playing like a 2 guard, but Price was the better shooter, ball handler and passer. Three things I value more in a point guard. Price averaged 19.6 ppg and 9.1 apg on 46/41/89 shooting while leading the league 2.1 made 3s per game and just 2.9 turnovers. His postseason was right there as well at 20 ppg and 8.8 apg on 53% shooting while making all 30 of his free throws. Keep in mind, he was playing on a half court team, while Porter was on an up tempo team with quite a few athletic players with size.

He led a Cavs team that dealt with some bad injuries to a winning record as well. Porter is on my list for '90, and not far below Price, but below him.
terry porter could get to the line at will and love mixing it up with the big boys inside. he also had a great post up game and was awesome in transition too on top of being a fantastic defender either on the perimeter or in transition.

price was one of my favourite players, and this was probably his peak season, but he did get outplayed by brad daugherty after being the cavs best player in the regular season. the regular season has porter over price by the smallest of margins, but the playoffs make it clear who was the better player between the two after porter helps the blazers into the nba finals. porter had that massive game 7 to close out david robinson and the san antonio spurs with 36 points on 9/18fg, 4/9 from downtown, and 14/16 from the free throw line, along with 4 rebounds 9 assists and 2 steals.
They had Daugherty back on his game, Price was his usual self and Hot Rod Williams raised his game.
i wouldn't say hot rod raised his game. steve kerr also had no impact
He won the game, who cares?
so if hawkins won finals mvp over barkley had they made the finals...he won the finals, who cares?
So according to you, it's a coincidence that the Bucks best player plays 3 games, the Bucks win them all, he misses 4 in the series and the Bucks lose 3 of those 4? It's a bigger sample size than the one game vs the Cavs you're talking about.
when did paul pressey miss games?
He swept the Bucks in the first round averaging 24/11/7, 2.7 spg, 52 FG% including a 22/13/10 and then 30/12/6/4 in a 21 blowout win to clinch the series. He also had a solid series vs the Bulls averaging 26/10/5 on 64%. They lost, but were 1 of 2 teams(along with the stacked Lakers) to win a game vs the Bulls.
yeh he played well in those playoffs. good enough for 9th best in the league.
He wasn't in his prime yet, Kareem was closer to his prime(probably 1-2 years removed), and ranks higher all-time, imo.
yeh kareem ranks higher all-time. he is top 2. and 1982 was magic's second best year in the nba, ofcourse it is in his prime.
No it doesn't, steals can often come from gambling, and they don't mean you're a good defender. Magic was a pretty good help defender, but a poor individual defender. Magic wasn't contributing much defensively, especially since they had to hide him defensively.
it means you've got great anticipation. and i lol at they had to "hide" him defensively. he was outstanding at forcing turnovers and was an above average defender overall.
Kareem's scoring likely wasn't affected by pace, he almost never ran the floor and scored in transition, he'd likely get at least as many post touches today. Magic lived in transition back then, he'd be affected more. Kareem was the Lakers half court offense. Spacing was also worse back then since 3s weren't a significant part of the game yet.
magic changed the game and how it was played. if magic played today he would force an uptempo offense.
Kareem's rebounding was ok, the Lakers often let Magic get the rebound so he could start the break just like Kidd in recent years. He was averaging close to 9 per game anyway, not great, but if he was concerned about his numbers, I'm sure he could have gotten the 10 by going out his way to get an extra uncontested rebound they let Magic get.
they let him get the rebound..what a joke. more excuses and what if's. the facts are abdul-jabbar was an average rebounder on both ends, and when you take into consideration that he was 7-2, it becomes even more apparent.
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