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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone

But beyond his scoring average, he was the best post player in the league with the most unstoppable offensive weapon, the sky hook. Not that he needed them, but he also had counter moves such as the turnaround jumper, left-handed hook and a drop step. The Lakers needed that because when the game slowed down, he was the guy they'd go to, and what other Laker got double teamed consistently? Those double teams created opportunities for teammates since he was an excellent passer. And 24 ppg on 58% and 71% from the line is damn good anyway.

Aside from being their best scorer by far, he was a shot blocking center who averaged 2.7 bpg and 3.2 bpg. A 7'2" presence among the leaders in blocks makes a significant difference, especially compared to Magic's average at best defense.
kareem was a nice player, top 2 in the league infact..but magic was just plain better. on the previous season alone, his numbers took a significant nose dive his free throw percent dropped from 77 to 71, he only managed to get to the free throw line only 5.8 times per game, points were down 26.2 to 23.9, he recorded single digits in rebounds per game for the first time in his career and halved what he averaged just 6 years earlier 10.3 to 8.7, assists went down 3.4 to 3, and blocks went down 2.9 to 2.7. in all, it was obvious that kareem could not produce at the level he did in the 70's and 1980, and it was now magic johnson's team.
Magic wasn't better than Kareem until at least the '83-'84 season, and then it was debatable,
the difference between magic and kareem in 1984 is about the same as the difference between charles barkley and vernon maxwell in 1992.
And it's fine to have your point guard as your first option if he has the skill set for it. When Pat Riley first made Magic the 1st option in the '86-'87 season, he thrived in the role because he had added a good outside shot, and a post game.
although he might not have had the outside shot, magic still had a solid post up game in 1982. and making your point guard first option is not a good idea on most occasions due to the fact that the point guard should be the one setting people up, not setting himself up.
Both Magic and Kareem pretty much played their games. Neither stepped up noticeably to me.
kareem went from 24ppg to 20, and only led the lakers in scoring in the finals 1 game.
The 4.2 ppg increase in '94, while also not having Jordan to take pressure off of him, playing at a slower pace and making 0.9 threes per game vs 0.3 in '91 more than makes up for 52 to 49 FG%. Scoring, shooting percentage and offensive numbers in general were down significantly in '94 compared to '91.
4.2 should have been increased to 8-10 without the greatest scorer of our time around.
Pippen did play very well in the '91 finals, but I'd say he was better in the '92 finals,

Of course, just a year and a half ago, you were calling '92 Pippen's peak.

You were much closer then, just like your previous ranking of 2000 Kobe at 6th rather than 2nd was far closer.
those rankings didn't take postseason play into much consideration, which was wrong. these are now the correct rankings.
Pete never had any type of team success, while Daugherty led a 57 win conference finals team just the next season.
with much more help than pete /shaqattack3234
Well, Chicago sure was happy they felt that way.
so was san antonio. with a bag of dirt in his place.
And they were out in the 1st round, Sean Elliott comes back in '95 and they not only win 62 games, but get to the conference finals.
a top 5 player on the on the second worst team in the league wouldn't have made any difference to that series.
And they were out in the 1st round, Sean Elliott comes back in '95 and they not only win 62 games, but get to the conference finals.
because of the fifth best player on the second worst team in the nba was back? david robinson also turned avery johnson from a peice of trash into a top 4 point guard in '95, robinson also decided to show up for the playoffs this time, and overall they had a deeper roster.
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