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Default Re: Ok so I Just got dunked on first time

No but I've done it to someone else in one of the only times I've ever dunked in live basketball.

I'm 6' and I can dunk (barely), but I had this massive adrenaline moment and skied over this guy who came over REALLY late to help.

I got trapped when trying to use a pick, split the double, took two hard dribbles, and saw this guy was gonna come help really late. I knew I had to go hard to dunk before he got there and I dunked it on top of this guy.

Man it's crazy how vulnerable you feel immediately after dunking and you're in the air with bodies everywhere below you.

Needless to say, it felt damn good and I have never gotten higher than I did that dunk. Top 3 best basketball moments of my life. The reaction everyone around me had was awesome.
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