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Default Reminder posters: Post responsibly

Hello fellow ISH posters, laker fans, and everyone else. Just wanted to pop in for a few seconds here to remind everyone of a few things.

1) It is heavily encouraged to engage in conversation on this forum and we are always happy for activity.

2) Thoughtful posts lead to more discussion, and more discussion leads to more ideas, and may even open up the minds of others who did not see it "the other way".

3) Creating new threads are acceptable as long as the topics are good for discussion, and as long as we respect others.

So how can we respect others? The simple answer is to post without name calling, and to keep it friendly at all times. Another way of doing so is not to create multiple threads of the same exact topic.

For example, if I see a thread titled "Steve Nash to the lakers", and I went ahead and created one, this is disrespecting the OP who originally acknowledged the topic.

The reason I am writing this is because of the activity that had been occurring recently, where nearly every poster felt it was necessary to create their own thread of Nash going to the lakers. If Dwight were to go to the lakers, I would predict that many would create even more threads.

I would like to think I am a reasonable guy. I allow threads to be created per player, rather than restricting posts to only one long thread titled "transactions" or other such things. Basically I beg all of you not to lean towards the other extreme and create numerous threads which address only one topic. The reason many do this is because they fear that their thoughts are very good, but will go unnoticed in a larger thread. I assure you all, all of us read every post, and respond accordingly.

Let us all consider these things when we come to post. Thank you, that is all!

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