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Default Re: Ever been in an altercation/argument/fight during pick up game?

I've had some major fall outs because of bball. I don't even play bball for real anymore. The truth is, if you haven't fought someone in bball you haven't really dominated them. Obviously it shouldn't be fists but you know some shoving... maybe an elbow or face stomp (just saying lol)

I am pretty much immune to pain, though, and I love contact even though I'm tiny. I love going inside and banging w/ people.

But yeah nowadays I just let people win or play soft because nobody is really ready to get housed in the post without getting all butt hurt or trying to fight you.

I will say this, I've never seen a teammate get into it. IT'S ALWAYS ME. Dunno why. I have watched plenty of bball fights in TV, like that georgetown shit... and I just know that's the only way I'd throw punches is if someone was trying to attack one of my teammates. Otherwise, I don't need to do anything non-basketball. I can cause people pain with basketball plays if I need to...

The one basketball play that made me want to fight was the hip check. I'm sorry but that is some dirty shit... people are mad cuz they can't guard you... old ass men... and it's like BAW. Makes you wanna fight someone, but the feeling at the end of the game when you won despite it makes up for it.

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