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Default Re: Antawn Jamison probably signing with Lakers

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
This is very well thought out. The one thing that surprised me about the finals, were not the two teams who made it, because this was many people's prediction. The style of play from Miami completely surprised me.

I was under the impression that the scores would inflate because of the athleticism, and that it would be an undisciplined style of basketball.

Miami learned the half court game, and the thunder could not stop lebron, whether he was running, or posting up like a power forward.

The thunder are explosive, and rely too much on their explosiveness. They couldn't win with that style anymore. This is something that can take a while for them to master. "Winning ugly" is one of the things that comes to my mind, and mentioned by laker loved, lamar odom.

Yeah, I think both teams have their flaws. Of course it takes another really good team to expose them. OKC was a good match up for Miami because OKC doesn't have a big guy who can score down low. That allowed Miami to play small ball (not that Lebron and Bosh are all that small) and it allowed them to move the ball better. Those big guys on OKC weren't going to make a difference defensively, and if they can't make up for it offensively then it's not worth having them in the game. I don't see how a team like Miami could match up with LA in a 7 game series though. Gasol & Bynum can both score down low so they can't match up Bosh & James against those two. I actually think Artest can guard Lebron better than anyone on OKC too. It would be a tough series, but I think the Lakers have a better team. Of course with a guy like Howard it would really swing things in the Lakers favor. Howard should be jumping at the opportunity to come here. He lives out here in the summer already. He would more than likely win a championship. The fans here are some of the most loyal in the league. All that negativity around him right now would vanish, especially with a ring.
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