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Default Re: Dwight to LA?

Originally Posted by Clipps0209
Instead of Dwight I think Lakers should worry more about a bench and amnesty Artest! Nash great PG and will help a lot but cant stop Westbrook or Parker OR Paul. I would focus on defense and a bench. Heat are champs and have nice bench now.OKC and Spurs good bench! Artest is a good defensive player but not worth the money and the headache.

Kobe has 3 solid years left, make moves now

The reason I wouldn't amnesty Artest is probably because hes the most active out there. His hustle and will to take on the best player every night gets others fired up. We also got Ron ron for cheap too to be honest. I wouldn't consider him an amnesty guy. With Nash, I predict he'd make more of his open shots. All he would have to do is play D and get open where he is comfortable.

Regarding defending Westbrook or the other guys....honestly who can guard them one on one? We'd need to have a good defensive scheme. Mike Brown's game plan against the thunder kept the lakers close, and leading for a while too, until they choked. I trust that Brown's defensive schemes will take care of those guards. For now, we need as much talent as we can get. By adding Nash and Antawn Jamison, this group is full of talent that is willing to blend in to win. That is a big plus.
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