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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Originally Posted by KG215
I bought Red Dead Redemption yesterday (yes, two years after it came out) and now it's going on 4:30 in the morning and I can't stop playing. Before this GTA was about the only non-sports game I played and got attached to; and like with GTA, I find myself saying I'm going to turn it off and go to bed after I finish this mission, but 45 minutes later I'm doing some pointless free-roaming shit like hunting deer and coyotes or menial stranger missions.

Its a game I wont ever trade in. When you put in countless hours, days, week into RDR? From main story, side missions, challenges and just good ole free roaming (which will never end). Take $10 and purchase the DLC Undead Nightmare. Well worth it.

Sidenote: Unsure if you're a multiplayer person but there is free roam in multiplayer. One thing thats fun to do? Is kill law enforcement to spawn a bounty. The thing is other players will try to kill you when its announced to the lobby there is a bounty on your head. Its fun keeping them away for how long you can do it. Also fun when a player tries this and you take out a sniper from long distance and end their bounty. They go ape shyts and try to chase you.

F*ck it I'm putting this game in, you got me wanting to play now.

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