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Default Re: Lin agrees to terms with the Houston Rockets

Originally Posted by bluechox2
houston can restructure the deal if the knicks didnt match to make it out to 8 per year.
Not quite.

The deal is actually two fold.

Keep in mind it is based off Gilbert Arenas where his old team (Golden State) lost the player due to not have anything but EBR to match the offer he was given from Washington.

GS could only offer 5 due to Gilbert being an early bird, yet Washington was able to offer over 8 mil due to their cap space, and to them he is just a free agent.

So now the rule is......

The first two years of an Early bird RFA contract must be......

At the max.....the average of current NBA player contract, in this case 5 mil in the 1st year, with an increase in the second reflecting a 4.5 % increase.

After those two years, a player is full bird and can receive max pay...therefore the backload being much higher, but only from a team making the offer.

Now the trick to the backload is for Houston to have done it, they must have the cap space to accommodate the average of the entire contract, and that becomes their cap hold each year, not the actual yearly pay.

So their cap hold will be 8-8-8
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