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Default Re: Lin agrees to terms with the Houston Rockets

Originally Posted by franchize
Ive been arguing this with my boy for a week. Thanks for the clarity. Time to go boast lol

Btw, I think the deal is cool for Houston. Theyre basically rebuilding anyway. Lin could wind up a really good piece to build around. The Asik deal though is a head scratcher. I just havent seen that potential out of him. I mean 3 pts n 5 reb and he cant hit free throws. He also isnt a prolific shot blocker. Im perplexed to say the least lol.
no problem.

Asik is one of those big dudes that just get in the way of things in the paint, and give out a few hard fouls.

Not worth that kind of money, but I guess since Houston has to maintain that salary cap floor, someone is gonna get paid.

I can't see the bulls matching that deal.
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