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Default Re: Chris Nolan / Zack Snyder "MAN OF STEEL"

Originally Posted by MeLO MvP 15
I'm pretty sure Marvel's characters are more "realistic" than DC's because of their major character flaws.

It'll be interesting to see if Nolan/Snyder can pull of the dark Superman considering he's the perfect person. Not hating on the movie at all, I'm looking forward to this more than any other movie coming out... but I'm a little worried.

When Nolan is involved he's proven there is nothing to be worried about. May not be Batman good but it will be a great movie. I'm not even as big of a Superman fan as many others and I'm pumped as fu**, even more so now after this trailer. People don't realize Superman is the most popular superhero ever. Just because previous movies didn't do him justice doesn't mean he sucks. He has one of the most interesting and unique origins of any superhero/villain.
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