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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
wait, how did boetsch win? he was back pedaling and only throwing leg kicks

i scored it for lombard. he at least hurt with him with the kick and got top control....maybe a draw since it was such garbage but meh, whatever

MMA judges are retards. Shit fight, but the decision was even worse. No idea how you can win a fight backing up the entire time throwing weak leg kicks.

The main card wasn't great, but it wasn't a bad event overall. The prelim fights were all good. Riddle/Clements was fun. The first 2 rounds of Head/Hairrow weren't that bad. The 3rd was 2 tired guys unable to really do much. Kongo/Jordan and Lombard/Boetsch sucked, but the main event wasn't bad.
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