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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone

Tripucka also averaged 20 ppg on a 46-36 Piston team right before coming to Utah.
yeh, then they traded him and made a conference, made 3 nba finals, and won 2 championships.
Stockton rarely dominated games, but you have a history of overrating point guards, especially high assist guys such as Rondo.
stockton dominated more games than barkley. and i rate point guards in the correct spot, but you have a history of overrating scorers, especially high scoring point guard.
Stockton did a great job running the offense, was a pesky defender, and would score here or there, but he almost always failed to step up, assert himself offensively and take over a game with scoring when Utah needed it.
lol why does "assert" himself mean scoring alot of points? stockton wasn't utah's primary scorer, or even top 2. he was utah's primary set up guy, it was up to the scorers on the team to score points.
And you're talking about help with Stockton? You're listing players who were either past their primes when they were with Barkley, or Barkley was not in his prime(or remotely close in some cases). Stockton on the otherhand played in his prime with Karl Malone who was one of the best players in the league for Stockton's entire prime, and Eaton, Jeff Malone, Thurl Bailey and Jeff Hornacek in or near Stockton's own prime while those players were around their primes.
the guys i mentioned were close to being the best players at their position. stockton had 1 guy near the best at his position, barkley had numerous.
Drexler was the better scorer, shooter, rebounder and passer, that makes it obvious that he was better than Ron Harper.
drexler put up numbers on a sub .500 team. it is much harder to put up numbers on a almost 60 win team than it is on a almost 40 win team.
at Price not being a top 2 player on the team, and yeah, Jordan was great, but the Bulls were still largely a 1 man team, the Cavs on the otherhand had at least 4 all-star caliber players.
and price wasn't even top 3 after the playoffs, daugherty had overtaken him by that stage the greatest player of all time had a legendary series and the series winning field goal. scottie pippen also stepped up his play with 15.0ppg, 8.6rpg, 4.0apg, 1.6spg, 0.8bpg. and horace grant had a huge rebounding series and was great overall, averaging 10.4ppg, 13.0rpg, 2.4apg, 1.2spg, and 1.2bpg.
Porter is underrated, but his impact was primarily as a scoring and shooting point guard. Price's creativity, ability to split traps and his pure shooting ability make him more than comparable in that regard, though I'd say Porter was more likely to go off for big scoring nights. With Price being the better shooter, ball-handler and passer as well as a comparable scorer, I just can't say Porter was a better player.
price was the best player on a team that won 42 games and lost in the first round. porter was the second best player on a team that had the second best record in the nba and made the nba finals. then you take into consideration how much better defensively porter was, then you have an easy decision.
Porter did have a knack for raising his game in the playoffs, and he was often the Blazer taking the big shot. He did step up more than Clyde through the first 3 rounds, but while the Blazers were more of a stacked team, they were Clyde's team. Team success between a team's best and second best player isn't a fair comparison, imo. Great playoff run or not, I've seen both play, and Price's skill set just made him the better player.
congrats on being able to see both porter and price play. i too have had the honor of seeing both play. the result of such viewings are that porter was better than price in 1990.
I didn't care when Duncan wasn't voted Finals MVP in '07 and KG wasn't in '08 among several other examples.
both duncan and garnett should have been final's mvp's tho. if hawkins played like that he would have actually deserved finals mvp.
3rd best behind Michael and Magic.
also behind pippen, robinson, stockton, olajuwon, malone, and drexler.
His top 5 years are easy to put in order. '87, '90, '89, '88 and '91.
lol where is 1982? easily his second best season in the nba. atleast your best season is correct the correct order is actually 1987, 1982, 1991, 1985, 1989.
Players are rarely in their prime at 22 years old, and especially in just their 3rd season, and Magic definitely wasn't one of them considering how much he added to his game later, and how much more his impact increased with added responsibility.
barkley was one of them, magic was another one. he averaged career high's in steals and rebounds, was the lakers (and the nba's) best player, led the lakers to 57 wins which was the best record in the west, was the mvp of the playoffs and finals, and had a record of 12-2 in the playoffs en route to the nba championship.
They had to hide him because he couldn't guard quick players and he'd get burned by good shooters.
trash observation here. he was an above average defender.
Kareem may have been top 2 behind Moses.
kareem was easily better than malone, as was bird and erving. magic however, was easily the best player in the league.
The statistical decline isn't that great either. Minutes dropped, scoring was equal to '78 and barely lower than '80. The Lakers were a much better rebounding team in '82 than '81, and assist and block declines were insignificant. His scoring was boosted in '81 by the 45 games when Magic was out and he averaged 28.8 vs the 37 games with Magic when he averaged 22.9. And he was averaging over 25 with Westhead in '82 before Magic cried about Westhead's half court offense and got him fired.
nice quotes. but it doesn't change the fact that kareem wasn't the lakers the best player. now lets check out what kareem did in game 5 of the finals: 6 points 4 rebounds
It's common knowledge that it was Kareem's team until the '86-'87 season.
magic took over beginning in 1982
Magic did not have a post game yet, that's just a false. Most of the teams that have won a championship with a point guard as their best player have also won with them as their 1st option.
magic might have had a better post game later on in his career, but he still had a nice post game in 1982. how many team's have won a championship with a point guard as the best player?
The Lakers had a lot of balance, especially with McAdoo playing so well.
yeh, mcadoo played so well he outscored abdul-jabbar over the last 4 games in that series
He stepped up more than enough considering how much his team exceeded even his coaches expectations. Averaging 26-28 just wasn't his game at any point.
it could have been his game. he could have made adjustments to what his game was due to the fact that he would be missing the league's leading scorer.
That explains why those are closer to being accurate, the playoffs have to be considered, but you now go way overboard when comparing to an 82 game season.
although 82 games is longer than the playoffs, you play the whole season to get in a good position to play in the playoffs and its how you play in those important games, games in which only half of the leagues teams are lucky enough to even partake in, is which will utimately determine your rank.
at you acting like David Robinson was Steve Nash when it comes to making players better.
he was easily better than steve nash in that regard.
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