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Default Andray Blatche gone from Wizards

Washington Post:

latche needed to go, badly. But his farewell to the fans here — via Comcast SportsNet’s Chris Miller, showed more thought and maturity than pretty much all of his time here combined.

“My message to them is I appreciate it, thank you, please continue to support me, I’m gonna need it. And for the fans that was booing me, I want to tell them I apologize for the effort, I guess, I gave out there that wasn’t enough. And last words I can to both sides is bye and thank you.”

You can be angry at Blatche for a lack of effort even he seems to recognize. You can be angry for what seemed at times to be a lack of work ethic. You can be frustrated over those flashes of talent that were just enough to drive fans, coaches, even teammates nuts. There are dozens of reasons to be glad to see the last of Andray Blatche.
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