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Default Re: Long term SG solution must be addressed

Originally Posted by Crystallas
We did try to get him.

Human beings aren't cell phone apps, where you can just download the ones yo want. It has to be mutual, they have to want to come here too. Lee doesn't want to come here.
No need to tell me, I understand completely. I wish some of our fellow Bulls family would realize, that with a injured Rose who is likely out for the season, Chicago is just not really looking attractive to anyone. People getting mad we're not seeing results, but its not like we have anything to GET huge results.

We are just gonna have to be patient, plan and simple. If/When we make our moves, it will be the season after next when both Deng AND Boozer's contracts expire. Until then, time to weather the storm and help grow Butler and Teague.

If anyone is looking for anything positive, you should really pay attention to Jimmy. Many expected him to improve, but his improvement is beyond many's expectations right now. He is just straight up BALLIN.

Malcolm Thomas has looked very good too.

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