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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Other players who qualified yesterday:

Startale.Hack (defeated zerO, a KESPA player in the finals)
IM.Dreamertt (defeated FXO.TheBest in the finals)
Startale.Curious (defeated FXO.Tree in the finals)
Slayers.CoCa (defeated sOs, a kespa player in the finals)
Prime.Creator (defeated ST.Pet in the finals)
IM.Happy (defeated SK.TheBeSt, a KESPA player, in the finals)

So that means there are 2 P, 3 T, and 3 Z qualified.

Another 8 players will qualify today, playing groups I through P.

Now these players and some seeded GOM players (top in the point rankings) and some invited KeSPA players will fight to get at least top 10 in the SK Nationals. They will then go on to the Asian nationals, where 1 player from singapore, 10 players from china, and 9 players from taiwan will meet them in a battle to see who advances to the world championship (I explained it terribly, but it's not overly confusing)

Players who have already qualified for the finals: aTn.Socke (P), CNB.Levin (P), IM.Fenix (T), Mill.Stephano (Z), d.Killer (Z), and Wayi.Comm (Z)
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