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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

meh, what a slackful middle of the year. oh well, just for fun, scanning ahead for upcoming fights of interest...

aug 4th, UFC on fox- shogun vs vera, dragon vs bader, browne vs rothwell. (should all be pretty fun)

aug 11th, UFC 150- bendo vs edgar II (meh), cowboy vs guillard (meh), okami vs paul harris (should be fun to see harris bounce back)

sep 1st, UFC 151- jones vs hendo (it's can't-miss TV, but has about 1% chance of being awesome via upset and 99% chance of being depressing via beatdown of a legend), koscheck vs ellenberger (i don't really want to see kos' eye get busted up again, but he needs to get toasted for the division to move forward)

sep 22nd, UFC 152- bisping vs stann (should be a blast, literally), BJ vs rory (oh shit. penn being offered up as a sacrificial lamb here. and so help me, we should all enjoy the f-k out of that.)

sep 29th, UFC on fuel- stipe vs struve (should be interesting, but also a clear win for my local boy stipe)

oct 13th, UFC 153- teixeria vs rampage (OMG yes, watching rampage hopefully get destroyed is going to be hugely enjoyable)

nov 17th, UFC 154- GSP vs condit (heaven), kampmann vs hendricks (kampmann will get annihilated, i think, and that's what we all should want)

waiting to be scheduled- nate vs bendo/edgar winner, JDS vs cain, nelson vs carwin, hopefully rashad vs spider, cormier and barnett vs patsies (or a straight rematch??)... should all be awesome and/or fascinating.

probably other stuff i've missed...
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