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Default Re: Chris Nolan / Zack Snyder "MAN OF STEEL"

I think Superman is being severely underrated here as a character. Everybody is making him out to be this perfect, boring character. That just isn't the case; there is a lot that goes into his character and his struggles to integrate into this world (Earth) while trying to figure out his history (where he comes from, who his family is, why was he sent here, was he for good or evil, etc etc). I am definitely looking forward to this movie. I don't have any expectations going into it (same with the Batman movies), so I will just see what comes out and make my judgement after I have seen it.

To argue the DC vs Marvel thing:

The Batman trilogy, IMO, is the best of any comic-book movies I have seen overall. No, I'm not saying they are the most entertaining or interesting (That is purely subjective). Just from a straight evaluation of the story, cast, feel, writing, directing, etc (Which can be evaluated fairly objectively). I can agree that Iron Man gives them a run for their money because the cast of those movies are pretty damn good too. They are just entirely different in feel and are designed to be more light (in feel). The Batman movies weigh you down (in a good way) with how deep and emotional they are. However, I completely disagree that the last Spider-Man trilogy is anywhere close to Batman, Iron Man, or even the new Spider-Man movie that recently came out. Avengers was real good and falls in line with the Iron Man type of feel and setting, which makes sense. I think the characters of DC just lend themselves to being the type of movies that reflect what I was talking about with Batman in comparison to Marvel. It doesn't make Marvel inferior; just means that it is different and will not get the critical praise that movies like this Batman trilogy gets. I love the Marvel movies and I get excited as Hell for them. Can't wait for Avengers II or Iron Man III.
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