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Default Re: Ever been in an altercation/argument/fight during pick up game?

Originally Posted by Quizno
all the time unfortunately lol. i don't know why it happens so often. i'm a really level headed guy and i don't get heated at all when i play. it's mostly because i'm about 6 ft tall which is tall-ish for random pickup games so i always play in the post even though i'm a slasher/shooter. i'm always guarding a big who thinks he can post me up easily because i'm not a huge guy (about 175 so i have a decent frame) but i know how to defend and prevent someone from backing me down. so they'll push and shove and i'll push back. to me it's just playing defense and them pushing for position is just basketball, but then egos get involved and they get all mad because i'm playing defense. i'm not like elbowing them or anything, it's just solid defense.

so then when i'm all offense they'll play me really close when i post up and just push me like crazy. then yeah, things just escalate from there. i've only actually fought a guy one time in basketball though, which is when i went for a breakaway lay-up and the dude shoved me from behind on purpose when i was in the air right into the ****ing pole. landed right on my nose and was bleeding and i went ape shit on the dude lol, didn't help that i had bad blood with him to begin with. people split us up but i got a clean hit to the face before i got pulled off of him.

i dunno man, people just get really mad when you play defense

6ft 175? Why play the paint when you can use your size to your advantage (quickness and speed) by playing the guard positions. Leave the post for the 6'5+ 220+ guys lol!
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