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Originally Posted by Rameek
Y u say that?

Because he's a vet min guy getting paid 3+ mill a year. He played like a vet min guy as a starter so I can't magine how him going to the bench will make him more productive. My dad did some research. He averaged only one 2 point field goal per game last year. ONE PER GAME! Which means he isn't penetrating anymore. He's just camping out on th 3 point line at this point. I don't care how ood of a passer you are, if you can't get in the lane and make yourself a threat, teams are just going to play the passing lanes. That either means a. The offense becomes stagnant or b. You're turning the ball over

Jason Kidd for Telfair works.

Maybe we can get a pick as well.

A tear just trickled down my face lol
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