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I'm not big on "the Swirsk" as he refers to himself. I don't mind his commentating per se, but I find him on his radio show to be a total ass. He NEVER critisizes MLSE (I know they write his cheques, but this is a free country and the guy is hosting a radio show that often will critsize sports teams/organizations/ownership, and this guy never does it).

I remember a certain incident where a Raptors fan called in to comment on how the regular fans were being priced out of the games (which is true to a certain extent) and that if the team really wanted a great atmosphere, they would cut back the prices on those lower bowl seats. The fan went on to say that this wouldn't happen since MLSE knows that MOST of those tickets are bought by corporations and sponsors as tax-exemptions for entertainment purposes as well as throw-ins for Leafs season ticket holders. If you go to lots of games, you know what I'm tlaking about. It seems that most of the people down there are sitting on their hands. Meanwhile, all of us less well-off fans who come to games decked out in Raptors gear, bring banners/signs, and scream our heads off from the rafters struggle to create a really good atmosphere at the games.

I kind of went on a tangent there, but basically Chuck told this fan "too fuking bad, make more money, brown-nose some corporate seat holders, or *** off to the upper bowl".

After that, I couldn't stand the guy.

That and his gimmicks during commentary are getting pretty old. Him and Leo make for a brutal combination. I don't know what the percentage is, but it seems like every game, they start talking about random nothings for minutes on end.

I can tolerate Jack and Chuck the most. Jack is my favourite colour guy we have.

Oh, and *** Rod Black.
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